Friday, September 02, 2005

Welcome back dear Wacom pad!

Welcome back dear Wacom pad!

Did you ever try to make a drawing with the computer mouse, with a desperate feeling of being brought back to the scribble age? Then you would probably imagine something more well known to your hand movements, such as a digital pen tool. That was one of my very first computer gadgets - a Wacom pad with a pen, allowing my drawing efforts to look not so clumsy. But after I moved over to a modern laptop, I could not use it because the old Wacom pad used the mouse port on my keyboard - and newer computers use USB or firewire. I've been missing this tool indeed.

When I saw a modern USB version Wacom Volito 2 on sale today, in Netto -  for just 249 Danish Kroner (about thirty-some Euros or US dollars, I was instantly hooked and went home, happy as a child, to rediscover how cool it is to be able to draw just naturally with a pen, or a sharp pencil, or a smooth broad brush, or an eraser.

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