Wednesday, September 14, 2005

UBC Lamberson & Lamb on RSS in Horizon Wimba

This evening's Horizon Wimba session was devoted to yet another presentation of RSS
Enlivening your course with RSS
by Brian Lamb and Michelle Lamberson from UBC. Vancouver BC. Rich contenbt, many inspiring examples, they did app sharing & webcams and apparently no major glitches, just a bit of echo (when one of tghem forgot to turn off his microphone when she was talking).

We were using the newest update of Horizon Wimba, my audio listening worked smoothly and I think I had more access to some control over my own window, also I found a (cryptic to me, but potentially interesting) connection log, might help me detect when and why I am disconnected from time to time in almost every online session I'm in - even on Skype. And of course also figure out how to troubleshoot similar events happening to other users.

Apart from my observations on the virtual classroom functionality, tis session was another proof of the folksonomic wave now also invading education, with updated content on topic oriented RSS aggregated pages, tagging your curriculum, etc etc. Students will need to learn developing critical evaluation skills more than ever before in education I think - they have access to tons of information updating minute for minute, but what should they trust, and how to create a blogroll of one's own! This kind of stuff is part of digital literacy of tomorrow - and of today, now is here!

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