Saturday, February 18, 2006

Oh what a lot of tags!

I've been tagging pages in my for quite a while, and yesterday I saw a neat example on how to add your tag cloud to a blogger blog. It is a Java script going into the blog template and after some trial and error, I made it. It does not look very neat as I used many different tags for different purposes. but at least I now know how to do this -I looked at Peter's blog
sneaking into his source code, and stole the line where I read - then I copied this line into my blog template and inserted my own account name instead of his, and after some trial & error my preview showed a good result. Don't forget to save your artwork!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Figuring out podomatic

I've made a test reading of a short book passage in my Podomatic account

Sunday, February 05, 2006

A fruitcake video blogger - a healthy laughter

When searching for video blog examples I found with Beth Agnew, Toronto. She's a real fruitcake indeed! Artificial laughter can sometimes be pretty emberassing to watch, and in this case it was not easy for me to surrender - but after minutes of exposure to this crazy lady, I could not help laughing just a little :-)

But hey, I bring this link also becase this is a fine example on a vlog! (hope this does work in the blog!)

Laugh Practice

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Xanga is a good old bloghost - and my first

For a long time I've been wondering if I really wanted to keep my "good old blog" at Xanga. I was staying there since fall 2002 and liked it because it was more macintosh friendly than Blogger - and perhaps still is. But as I'm today using more Windows that I thought I would ever have liked to do, no big problem.

I did not wish to abandon it as I did put a lot of work and into my note taking and images. I even pay 25 us dollars for a Premium version to have images hosted there (that was before we kew about Flickr & Buzznet) So instead I decided to add a post about my local neighborhood -then we'll see how well this blog integrates with the others that I have. One thing that works OK is how my bloglines blogroll shows neatly on the left side.