Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Meeting for the first time like two good old friends

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Rita the Webhead from Rosario in Argentina is visiting Denmark with her husband Hector on their North European odyssey. Rita and I have spent some fun time together preparing our online wikispace for this occasion and finally yesterday morning we were able to hug each other for the first time. We took an easy going walk around n the local neighborhood of their pension at Christianshavn before moving over the bidge to meet Copenhagen in a relaxed mode.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Nicole Simon and her international audience strategy

Why should US podcasters be aware of an international audience?Nicole Simon lives in Germany, and she just mentions all of those aspects that I've often found makes it difficult to keep my attentionj when listening to podcasts that are NUS centric. Shje laso has many other good and relevant points. I'll continue this post later. We're still in the session at the Women's international podcast expo (online)

And, where's Karin Hoegh today?

Gate keeeper helped me feel at home

Just look at this expo hall - a really welcoming interface. Yhe Women's international podcasting expo.Still, when you get inside, it is like a maze. I was so glad that I had karin by my side in Skype, to guide me around and also to let me know a bit about whose sessions would be relevant. Karin participated in this conference already earlier this year, so she knew people and was follwing up on existing networking opportunity.

I'll blog more in detail later this week, as I spent many hours on this event and found really thought provoking and highly relevant inspiration.

Danish readers can find more about this in Karin's

Podcasting 101 - and advanced editing

I've attended two sessions tonight with Penny Haynes from the Women's International Podcast Expo - the most amazing was her walkthrough of a tool for editing called Wavepad, much simpler than Audacity. I'm looking forward to test this tool soon. And I am so grateful for Karin Hoegh who invited me and encouraged me to join this conference!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Women's podcasting expo this weekend

The first international Woman's Podcasting Expo is all online, and my first impression is that the organization is VERY professional and well managed. It is possible to regsier for free and attend 3 trial sessions, but I chose to get a full pack and pay the 25$ us for a three day long event with many sessions and exhibitions. My first choice is of course to check out what's happening in the field of education and coaching.

One thing that I admire from a first glance is the special toolbar that I have already installed for my Firefox browser, from there I will get alerts when new material is up or a new session will begin, I think. I've never seen this implemented for an event. It will indeed give ne very easy access to everything! Now I'd better rush over and see who's podcasting!