Thursday, November 10, 2005

Nordic Voice conference update

The Nordic Voice online conference runs for two more days.

Tomorrow Fridayat 14:00 GMT will be my turn to let a hundred tongues speaking. I've invted a few virtual guests, Language teachers from Webheads in Action,We're going to share some stories about working with collaborative blogs and inviting guest teachersto create authentic learning situations. Sergei Grid from the University of Minsk in Belarus will join me, perhaps also Dafne Gonzalez, PhD, from Venezuela and Teresa d'Eca, Lisbon, Portugal, Rita Zeinstejer from Argentina, Wendy Seale-Bakes from North Vancouver - we will have to improvise, as there has been as well personal as technical constraints.

at 16:00 GMT we are expecting Arne Theo Schenk from Germany. He is going to share with us an intercultural project where students from six European countires were brought together to workwith the idea of a borrowed identity, taking different roles and playing in front of a camera, then producing a DVD with multimedia material for discussion and reflection.

I'm looking forward to this session as I will be participant in a project meeting later this month where Anne Fox and Theo will also be present.

We had to cancel last minute a session with Katarina Lundin Akesson from the university of Lund, as she has lost her voice. One of our most qualified Nordic Voices... hopefully whe will be able to share her research on Nordic youth and their understanding of neighbour languages, with our community of practice on a later occasion.

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