Saturday, May 22, 2010

Support orphanage in Cambodia and make my birthday wish come true

Imagine a poor country with about 1.600.000 children who have no parents! In the Roteang village, Cambodia, an orphanage helps children to a good, healthy life with care, love and trust building. You can help me support their cause! I'm trying to raise $1,200 for Sharing Foundation: Helping to Care for Cambodia's Children. The cause's mission: Help meet the physical, emotional, educational and medical needs of orphaned and seriously disadvantaged children in Cambodia.I know about these children and the people who help them survive and get a better life, from Beth Kanter whose example I'm following now. She is a non-profit blogger, Facebook expert and expert - please have a look!

And, please consider how you can help too. The Sharing Foundation orphanage in Cambodia always need funding! My 60 year birthday wish is donations for this cause from my friends