Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Lazy blogging in slow mode

Three years since my last post! I am a dormant blogger. A lazy non-blogger. Or, life has just been too private and tough, so to speak unbloggable lately? Anyway, my last message was posted from my cell phone, and then, I decided to keep my many different virtual data apart. I felt it was overwhealming to have my mail addresses connect with my cell phone register, invasive to my private life. For quite a while I managed to keep many things apart. Just until last week! I had to find an easy way to share a photo from my Android phone camera, to my home computer, and for some unknown reason, this was no longer possible to pair with the outdated Android system (imposssible to upgrade the antique model, three years of age!), and the brand newly installed Maverick system om my mac, which causes me many beginner obstacles.
As you can imagne, I am a cautios and reflective citizen of the virtual world. So far, so good. I then made a careless decision to post the photo on Facebook, and all of a sudden, Facebook snatched my phone number, which was NOT part of my smart plan. My computer mail contacts are now visible or comparable somehow to FB? I hate this unvoluntary transparency.
Also, I would not want presence on GPS interfere with any mapping of online control. But my iPad need to be visible online, to keep the Find my iPhone app active. As my first iPad was hidden, it could not be tracked when it was actually stolen last spring!

Now, this blog post is a revival of my dormant Google account! I'll see if this makes any difference...
Sincerely yours, Sus