Thursday, October 29, 2009


I have to admit that for the time being, my attention is elsewhere. This does not neceessarily mean that this blog will never be continued - only that there is a break in between thoughts, snapshots and projects.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Reblogging analysis of hashtag tweet promo for #moonfruit

#moonfruit trending on Twitter? It’s the rebirth of a startup says Techcrunch blogger Mike Butcher.

Moonfriut is a 10 year old company hosting homepages, some for free with basic features, and low cost payments for more services. This week, they let you enter a draw to win not less than 10 powerMac books. Just follow their twitter stream, and send your own creative tweets, all containing the hashtag #moonfruit - the name made me curious, too!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Teach to the test versus the unique personality

Test for grading is a matter of standardization. Knowing where in the range list to place each individual. But for which purpose, and the benefit of whom? YThis video essay described the literacy as it developes in one person, from the very young child who insists on climbing the steep hitll, to the pain staking process of passing the rituals of examination.

(draft stub - need to find out more about who made this)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Celebrating women in computing: Karin Hoegh, Podcast expert, Denmark

Ada Lovelace Day is March 24, and all around the world, bloggers are celebrating Lovelace's great pioneer work (writing the code for the Analytical Engine, for her teacher and friend, the mathematician scientist Charles Babbage). Ada was born in 1815, at a time in history where women and girls were not supposed to bother their little brains with heavy topics such as math and science. More about her can be found in this article

Well, today I am taking up the challenge to blog about "a woman in technology whose work I admire".

My choice is an entrepreneur of today who has an impact in my own country, Denmark. Featuring Karin Hoegh, an experienced radio journalist who started her pioneer work on podcasting by herself at, and also mediating popular access to podcasting technologies some years back. She is now the initiator of the Danish Podcast award, Podcasterprisen, and conducting numerous courses for educators and others who wish to learn how to get into podcasting. What I really like about her work is the way that she supports and encourages the usage of the "minority language" Danish, in terms of online and information in Europe. Karin also uses and promotes the current web 2.0 social technologies in many ways. This is how her fans may follow her conference engagements and travels all over the world, promoting her ideas and insight in the field.
We met for the first time at the Reboot conference in Copenhagen and had a lively exchange, then met again several times mostly talking computer, pedagogy and podcasting stuff, but also having fun and making friends. Just wanted to include Karin Hoegh's exemplary case in the torrent of mighty ladies in technology whose work indeed makes a difference!

Mozilla or Safari for mac os X - which choice?

As I'm back on a mac computer, I need to decide which browser I prefer. On Windoze XP, my preferred choice is definitely Mozilla. And, after a little week with Safari, I decided to check out whether there is any difference from using Mozilla. I've had some very slow results sometimes with Safari (which is the pre installed browser for mac OS.)

Well - I'm not going to make real benchmarking but I suppose that in case there is any signifcant difference, I would soon find out. Any comments on this?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Time zone differences, and all that jazz

The fun challenge about meeting from many eventual time zones is the fact that daylight saving is implemented differently in different US states, where some have adapted this procedure and others have not), and in Europe (where summer time is only actual in our calendar from the last Sunday of March - each and every year. For the Southern Hemisphere (Australia etc) this makes even more confusion as they are now moving into winterly hours.

Unfortunately, as I just tried to play with the Meeting planner at I see that this does not appear to be accurately calculated either...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Monkey taunts tigers

See how intelligent an old monkey can move around in the trees above two tiger cubs, and deliberately tease them while they don't really get the trick; monkey is too fast for them to comprehend what's going on.