Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Lazy blogging in slow mode

Three years since my last post! I am a dormant blogger. A lazy non-blogger. Or, life has just been too private and tough, so to speak unbloggable lately? Anyway, my last message was posted from my cell phone, and then, I decided to keep my many different virtual data apart. I felt it was overwhealming to have my mail addresses connect with my cell phone register, invasive to my private life. For quite a while I managed to keep many things apart. Just until last week! I had to find an easy way to share a photo from my Android phone camera, to my home computer, and for some unknown reason, this was no longer possible to pair with the outdated Android system (imposssible to upgrade the antique model, three years of age!), and the brand newly installed Maverick system om my mac, which causes me many beginner obstacles.
As you can imagne, I am a cautios and reflective citizen of the virtual world. So far, so good. I then made a careless decision to post the photo on Facebook, and all of a sudden, Facebook snatched my phone number, which was NOT part of my smart plan. My computer mail contacts are now visible or comparable somehow to FB? I hate this unvoluntary transparency.
Also, I would not want presence on GPS interfere with any mapping of online control. But my iPad need to be visible online, to keep the Find my iPhone app active. As my first iPad was hidden, it could not be tracked when it was actually stolen last spring!

Now, this blog post is a revival of my dormant Google account! I'll see if this makes any difference...
Sincerely yours, Sus

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Clumsy fingertips

Oh what a beautiful morning - waking up and reaching out for the desirable gadget Android. Need to make some changes in pref settings. Oh oh language? The standard setup is of course the local patois, Danish (the language not the pastry, silly!) but what if we set it for Japanese? Said Curious Sus. And so she did: help help new challenge! Now everything is written in a language I cannot possibly dechipher! Click back step by step in the menu does not help and I don't recall the follow in the setting list or anything! Restart did not make the bad language go away. HELP
Well as you can see I did work my way around the trouble to look inside every meny until I finally made it look good again and had a topic for an instant blog post! What can we learn from this silly episode? Think twice before you tap on anything that matters ;-)

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Open eyes in an open world

Everything seem more open than ever before. We are able to connect and share across distances of time and cultures. The current revolutionary movements are making use of social media in new ways that were unthinkable science fiction when I was young. At the same time I must admit a certain reluctance against this total merge of privacy and open. One thing is that I can decide to share a blog post or a photo which will then have its own social life - another thing that concerns us deep into the sociey of surveillance is for example the geo-locator using Google mapping and GPS Positioning to follow every move. It has to be. An informed choice - but none of us would be able to fully understand the future consequences. As my friend the veteran telegraph cable engineer born 1919, remarrked when we discussed the smartphone era: it is a good thing for our acceptance of new technologies that innovatoins happen little by little.

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Blogger Droid post from my android position

The smartphone Blogger Droid app allows me to compose a new post to this blog and if I add a Picasa album this will also facilitate illustrated posting. The whole procedure - from discovering the Blogger app to refreshing this good old blog - took me less than 15 minutes.
I decided to have a special Google account for the Smartie, so that all of my older actions are not necessarily included in this new chapter of my open social online life!

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Android adventures

Some days ago, I decided that I needed a smartphone. I was getting stressed because of an automated email answering system that is now distributing the free lance jobs, sent out to many takers, and the first repondent will get the deal. This kept me check mail on the computer each and every moment. This was a very good reason for getting a ubiquitous pocket device. I knew I wanted the Xperia x10 mni pro with a real keyboard, an Android smartphone from Sony Ericsson. What I had totally forgotten is that SE does not match mac osX. And, in some cases this is going to be tough as some updates may demand the PC companion with a USB connection, which I'll seek to manage at someone's PC.
However, I found several tweaks that make life easier also for us stubborn Mac users.

My next post will probably, hopefully happen from my remote handheld Blogger app :-)

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

focus + procrastination + serendipity

I found a very thought provoking blog post tonight, by Inge de Waard (who has an alter ego named Ignatia)


She writes: Luckily for me the combination of procrastination and serendipity resulted in a wonderful, unexpected answer to a question that has been on my mind lately. Currently I am dabbling with the idea of a PhD. Although my mind keeps telling me to go for it, it also tells me to keep in mind to make a difference and not to accept 'a regular one'.

This is just how I feel like, too. I came to this blog post in my typical way, just googling a set of terms that came to my mind with no special intention! Amazing how well these thoughts (by Ignatia) actually describes the ongoing learning process that I've been struggling with - for years it seem.

I'm on my way, somehow, to something similar that might as well be sort of an Open PhD. Would you like to know my search term combination? focus + procrastination + serenditpty :-) Yes, that's how my independent brain and imagination works. Too.

Tomorrow, I hope to follow up on this and investigate how Leigh Blackall (mentioned in the blog post above) handles this idea of an Open Education PhD...