Sunday, March 06, 2011

Open eyes in an open world

Everything seem more open than ever before. We are able to connect and share across distances of time and cultures. The current revolutionary movements are making use of social media in new ways that were unthinkable science fiction when I was young. At the same time I must admit a certain reluctance against this total merge of privacy and open. One thing is that I can decide to share a blog post or a photo which will then have its own social life - another thing that concerns us deep into the sociey of surveillance is for example the geo-locator using Google mapping and GPS Positioning to follow every move. It has to be. An informed choice - but none of us would be able to fully understand the future consequences. As my friend the veteran telegraph cable engineer born 1919, remarrked when we discussed the smartphone era: it is a good thing for our acceptance of new technologies that innovatoins happen little by little.

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