Sunday, March 06, 2011

Clumsy fingertips

Oh what a beautiful morning - waking up and reaching out for the desirable gadget Android. Need to make some changes in pref settings. Oh oh language? The standard setup is of course the local patois, Danish (the language not the pastry, silly!) but what if we set it for Japanese? Said Curious Sus. And so she did: help help new challenge! Now everything is written in a language I cannot possibly dechipher! Click back step by step in the menu does not help and I don't recall the follow in the setting list or anything! Restart did not make the bad language go away. HELP
Well as you can see I did work my way around the trouble to look inside every meny until I finally made it look good again and had a topic for an instant blog post! What can we learn from this silly episode? Think twice before you tap on anything that matters ;-)

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