Sunday, March 06, 2011

Android adventures

Some days ago, I decided that I needed a smartphone. I was getting stressed because of an automated email answering system that is now distributing the free lance jobs, sent out to many takers, and the first repondent will get the deal. This kept me check mail on the computer each and every moment. This was a very good reason for getting a ubiquitous pocket device. I knew I wanted the Xperia x10 mni pro with a real keyboard, an Android smartphone from Sony Ericsson. What I had totally forgotten is that SE does not match mac osX. And, in some cases this is going to be tough as some updates may demand the PC companion with a USB connection, which I'll seek to manage at someone's PC.
However, I found several tweaks that make life easier also for us stubborn Mac users.

My next post will probably, hopefully happen from my remote handheld Blogger app :-)

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