Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Meeting for the first time like two good old friends

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Rita the Webhead from Rosario in Argentina is visiting Denmark with her husband Hector on their North European odyssey. Rita and I have spent some fun time together preparing our online wikispace for this occasion and finally yesterday morning we were able to hug each other for the first time. We took an easy going walk around n the local neighborhood of their pension at Christianshavn before moving over the bidge to meet Copenhagen in a relaxed mode.

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RitaZ said...

WHAT A PLEASURE meeting you, dearest friend!!
Hector and I have spent the happiest of times sharing fantastic Copenhagen with a most lovable friend !

Seeing Copenhagen beautiful canals and buildings, staying at a true Danish guest house, walking, chatting, eating together was a a very special treat we will never forget.

THANK you, dearest friend! We wish we lived nearer to share ocassions like this one often, and hope we'll once meet in Argentina!

With love and gratitude,

Rita & Hector