Sunday, August 13, 2006

Burning my own feed for this very blog

Did you ever hear about "burning your RSS feed" for a blog or podcast, to keep up with new updated posts and casts? One tool for this purpose is called Feedburner. It works quite automated, just register as a member and the basic features are free. Pro users pay $5 or more, depending on the number of feeds they wish to burn. Don't ask me why this code system procedure is called burning; this is part of the insider slag that's so hard to deal with as a non US techie.

The procedure was reall simple; I had a choice between an ATOM feed or an RSS2. As I'm not sure what's teh difference I just marked yes to the RSS feed. And then I get a URL code which I could share. Now, to make this work smoothly I need to copy, cut&paste into my blogger template editor which is so hard to deal with. Let's see how that's going to turn out! Please be patient with me - I'm a beginner with this Feedburner trick.

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SusNyrop said...

How disappointing! I did not make any progress getting nearer a smart Feedburner panel on the blog sidebar as expected this time - and now I feel I should leave this for tonight.

I'll come back with a report once I know more about this burning question :-)