Thursday, February 02, 2006

Xanga is a good old bloghost - and my first

For a long time I've been wondering if I really wanted to keep my "good old blog" at Xanga. I was staying there since fall 2002 and liked it because it was more macintosh friendly than Blogger - and perhaps still is. But as I'm today using more Windows that I thought I would ever have liked to do, no big problem.

I did not wish to abandon it as I did put a lot of work and into my note taking and images. I even pay 25 us dollars for a Premium version to have images hosted there (that was before we kew about Flickr & Buzznet) So instead I decided to add a post about my local neighborhood -then we'll see how well this blog integrates with the others that I have. One thing that works OK is how my bloglines blogroll shows neatly on the left side.

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