Saturday, February 18, 2006

Oh what a lot of tags!

I've been tagging pages in my for quite a while, and yesterday I saw a neat example on how to add your tag cloud to a blogger blog. It is a Java script going into the blog template and after some trial and error, I made it. It does not look very neat as I used many different tags for different purposes. but at least I now know how to do this -I looked at Peter's blog
sneaking into his source code, and stole the line where I read - then I copied this line into my blog template and inserted my own account name instead of his, and after some trial & error my preview showed a good result. Don't forget to save your artwork!


Moonstuff said...

Hi SuS! Thxs for taking a peek at my students´blogs. I´m so proud of their work, although it took a lot of hard work, patience and extra time to help out each of my students. The semester just flew away! I believe "motivation" is the key to provide a fun learning environment. We learned all together and we enjoyed those quality moments in the computer labs at UCAB.
Lisette Lunar

Sean said...

Hi Sus!

You can get the code for your tag roll from the Help section -

What's more they provide a neat little Ajax-driven live preview formatting tool which allows you to specify tag sizes, colours, etc. so you can make it blend in really nicely with your blog design.