Monday, September 19, 2005

Podcast solutions book by Geoghegan & Klass

Podcast solutions – a book coming with a cd packed with podcasts about the book

Just started reading the book that just arrived from Amazon, UK  - to my home here in Farum Denmark. I'm a regular listener and chat participant in the edtechtalk podcast every Sunday at 2 pm GMT. They even invited me for a spontaneous Skype  interview some weeks ago - to talk about a weekend course in blogging was facilitating at Knowplace.

Ever since I've been sold  - simply need to find out how to work around podcasting on my kichen table - how can teachers to make language learners want to listen and talk?
This is what Webheads are talking about - every week, from all over the world. Just listen  - so many different accents!

I'll follow up with postings in my blog about this book and what I get to know, from now on.

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