Monday, September 26, 2005

Wiki wise collaboration

Wikis, wikis - are they really as easy as peanut butter? This is what Jay Cross is exploring and reporting. He's currently prepareing a conference with a dozen people , using a wiki system called pbwiki.

I like how he introduces the Wiki concept and advantages to his fellow group members, pointing at simplicity, transparency and the need to get out of your confort zone and try doing new things!

I am working on a wiki-based project plan right now as well; I used to find wikis a bit tough, yuou would have to write html code, and I could not keep track of pages: today's wikis are less intimidating because you work with a rich text editor and a hierarchic system showing pages and subpages. Also, I was skeptical because I did not trust the openness: I was fearing that evil intruders would spoil the fun; but apparently there is no loss of data, you just go back to a previous version. I'll get back with more on working wiki wise. Our wiki is a wikispace, good looking and easy.

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Derek Rydall said...

Just surfing for things related to
screenplay analysis and screenplay analysis and ran across your blog. It's not what I was looking for, but it's still pretty interesting stuff. Thought I'd add it to my links. Hope you don't mind. Thanks!