Monday, September 26, 2005

Blogosphere in primary school - according to Steve o'H

For some time, I've tracked the tag blogosphere, and today I I found the most beautiful bid on what this means to young learners, primary school kids in the UK. It is a film with interviews of teachers and students explaining why blogs is just such a great deal. The film maker is Steve o'Hear whose deep insight in ICT, children and human kind(ness), facilitates the mission of this video. Although most of these enthisuast young children interviewed were just ordinary girls and boys from the after school blog club, I was most of all deeply impressed about the autistic children's approach; Their teacher explained how the way blogs are constructed helps them focus and gives them a voice! Also, some foreign children reported that blogs allowed their distant families living abroad to stay updated with the child's work.

I'm hoping to obtain Steve's benevolent presence as one of our invited guest speakers and inspirators, in the coming EVO 2006 blog course (more about this soon).

The Blogosphere video will be streaming from Teachers' TV

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