Monday, September 05, 2005

Edtechtalk featuring; Sus Nyrop about blogging enhanced

This weekend, i have been quite busy online, with the workshop at knowplace about blogging enchanced with images and audio, and with the interview in Edtechtalk, where I was invited with a short delay by Jeff Lebow, the developer of
This was really fun and a good experience for me to practise my spoken language. First, we had a long voice chat with Daf on vacation in Spain, using a cell phone and being Skyped into a conference webcast direct. We're still pretty new to this innovative format - but I find this is not hard to do. Welll - it was very improvised and I would like to find out what I really said when it came to my 25 minutes interview.

You never know who would be listening to his, but surprisingly I had several Skype calls while being on the air which I had to refuse as I did not kn ow what to do with them; it was not my conference and there is a limit of five in the Skype conf room. Geoffrey Kaye from Australia was listening and would like to ask some questions in the call during the show, but talked with him later; we met online some years ago. He's currently working with some third world countries as an edtech consultant, and we discussed how satellite cell phones may help to bring information, communication and e-learning to people in remote areas. I would indeed wish to learn more about his field of work, in some African states. I hope that he will get in touch with the Worldbridge people and suggest a topic for a session.


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dave cormier said...

Pleasure speaking with you today... and now i've found your blog. Would love to hear more about your blogging!