Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Swedish blogosphere: kulturblog from the Book fair

Tomorrow opens the Swedish Bokmässan (Book fair) in Göteborg. A sign of the time is that a team of journliastbloggers are getting paid (apparently sponsored by the giant publisher, Bonniers, as well as the daily tabloid journal Expressen - to blog direct, on location.

As I'm not much into Swedish journalism. their names are not familiar to me - Isobel Hadley-Kamptz and Björn av Kleen. But now I can read what they read on their long travel by (train I suppose), whom they have made interview appointments with for the coming days, quite a lot of name dropping - and other minor reflections. They also try to make some ping pong with comments. Apparently sketchy styled, instant writing on the fly, but even the spontaneous looking could be prepared in advance. I like the idea of instant journalism as it is used here, although I don't know how much I would pay attention to this sort of blog myself - not unless I had the intention to go there myself. I used to go to the Danish Bogmesse for many years to get inspiration for my reading and to hear some of the authros tell stories about their books, but lately I have found this kind of mass venue to noisy and too crowded for my liking - and my tinnitus. So yes, perhaps a Danish Book fair blog would attract me and make me read day for day. After all I am Danish, I live here and this is where I would find the books that are published here; we only rarely see books translated from Swedish to Danish. Which does not matter to me as I read Swedish with ease; but it does matter because Swedish literature would not be exposed and discussed often here. Same goes of course for Norwegian, Finnish or Icelandic literature. And even less I know about Faroean authors from today. If there is any worth mentioning.

SO -I will keep an eye on the Swedish Bokmässan Kulturblog in the coming days and see if I get to know a bit more about what's shaking hinsidan- on the other side of Öresund - now that we do have the new Öresundsbron, the bridge connecting Sealand in Denmark and south Sweden, there should be access to a broader exchange of culture.

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