Friday, October 07, 2005

The Nordic Voice conference and my proposal

We're almost ready with our homepage for the coming online conference & CoP, the Nordic Voice online (still need to fix some bugs and update content).

This is my proposal:

Let a hundred tongues speak online – virtual guest teachers encourage students to speak up
The language in function develops through authentic conversation, but many students find it difficult to engage in conversation using a language they aren’t good at. The net brings easy opportunities to invite a virtual guest teacher into the language classroom, to encourage authentic conversation.
Different ways of exchange among language educators has become a common practice among participants in Webheads in Action (WIA) – a virtual and international community of practice of language teachers and others sharing the interest of virtual learning environments and teaching strategies. The active WIA participants are collaborating since many years around their own professional development, peer teaching, experimenting with tools, and they have developed this collaboration style through informal meetings, mutual help and mentoring, and their experiences are often documented in articles, in public online conferences, and in education research.

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