Wednesday, August 31, 2005

My Open Weekend on blogs 2: add images and audio

** Blogging with Images & Voice facilitated by Sus Nyrop who returns after the success of her initial workshop on blogging. Come one and all: new to blogging or experienced bloggers. Blogging (the online diary) has become a hyper popular and easy way of creating and sharing online content. This goes for the educational as well as the business purposes, from creating students’or teachers' portfolios like work in progress, and group projects, completed with comments from their peers and visitors, to corporate efforts to create loyal consumer community around their products or services.

There exists a multitude of free blog services that you could use for text blogs. When you want to supply text with images and voice (or even video), you would need to find the help programs to realize this.

In this weekend, we’ll have a look at examples using blogs with images and audio, and hopefully also sharing own experiences and trying to help each other with questions and eventual trouble shooting. We'll look at tools and techniques in general. If there's any interest, I plan to host an online synchronous session, probably in my virtual Elluminate office at LearningTimes.

Sus Nyrop has been actively experimenting and exploring how to practice online cmunication and to use the internet for knowledge sharing, cultural exchange and social interaction with educators and students around the world.She has many years of experience with education in general. Today, she works as a free lance online education consultant, community builder and mentor. As an active member of Webheads in Action since 2001, she has taken part in many online blog experiments as a guest teacher conference presenter and mentor. In this weekend workshop, she will use examples from language educators collaborating around blogging, and also share examples from the world of small online business where images and audio blogging help creating the homely atmosphere of a loyal group of clients and consumers.Please jump in and share your ideas - or find out why blogging has besome so popular!

For this purpose, I've created an external blog at the new Yahoo! 360 - fresh & clean from the kitchen lab :-)

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