Friday, August 05, 2005

Webheads meet Puerto Rico

Today Karen Garcia was back home in Puerto Rico, at the university where she was once a student (must be quite a while?) Karen was presenting at a conference to an audience in a big computer lab, using the Elluminate virtual classroom so that there was room for online presence as well; Doris Molero Martins from Maracaibo, Venezuela, and Renata Suzuki from Japan were co-presenters in a lively dialogue. Also present online in the Elluminate office at Learningtimes were Daf, Venezuela, Tere, Portugal, Sergei Minsk, Belarus and a woman from the UAE (Nuna?) - and at the end of this session we were joined by Vance, also from UAE, and Bob from Texas; a pretty global group. I'll look forward to read the paper written for this presentation!

The presentation was referring to last winter's amazing experience where Doris Karen and Renata were the key persons in the weekly course over 13 weks, Doris in a classroom with colleagues from the university, and about a dozen webheads from all over, working with learning theories applied to practice. We were using a free video material and lesson plan for this, applied in the actual context (Will have to check details and add some links later, but wanted to blog this event before bedtime ).

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