Thursday, May 26, 2005

Working with blogs- Open Weekend at Knowplace

Hello Webheads,

if you would please join us at Knowplace this weekend and make it
become alive and active, I'm hosting a 48 hour workshop discussion
about blogging in general - and you're invited!

Working with Blogs

Welcome to an Open Weekend where we will discuss and share some easy
ways to keep a weblog, or just blogs.
Blogs can be used for promotion of your thoughts and ideas, for
professional or personal reflections, as well as for group oriented
work online. Blogs can have text, images and even voice recordings.
They're updated online, like a diary so that your last entry will come
up first. No need to download software or upload text content, as you
can just subscribe to a free blog service, such as or

During this weekend, I would like to encourage anyone to report own use of blogs if you already have one, as well as starting on a self made personal blog if this is your first try.


Susanne Nyrop
(blogger since 2002)

Knowplace is using Moodle, and if you're a new member, you'll be asked
to create an account before you can get access to the general Knowplace
site and read more about the Open Weekends, as well as other Knowplace
activities, such as week long courses related to online work and
learning from many aspects as well as longer courses developed for
Capilano College, Vancouver BC, Canada

These Open weekends are always starting on Friday evening at 17 GMT
and ends on Sunday evening at 17 GMT. During this time slot, you can
access my weekend page directly at

These hours are quite strictly administered; you will not get access to
the workshop page before and after these hours; in case you find
anything of special interest, you'll need to save that information
locally, or subscribe so that it comes to your mailbox. One problem
about working with this volunteer task from a different time zone is
that the Canadians work while I ought to be asleep, and on Saturday
European time, I'll be away with my family, celebrating birthday until
late; so just in case some of you blog savvy Webheads would jump in and
encourage the action, please do not hesitate!!!

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