Sunday, May 29, 2005

Good memories: Elderbob On The Trail blog 2004

In our blog workshop, my good online friend and virtual colleague, webhead Elderbob Brannan shared his marvelous blog with photos and voice interviews following a historic Cattle trail in Texas last summer Elderbob On The Trail

I felt instantly inspired to post a comment over there: I've never even been to Texas or any other US state. I'm on the other side of the ocean in Denmark. But I've been following this trail per blog, as well as its making by Elderbob the Great blog boss. It's been amazing. Listening to all these interviews, looking at pictures and finding the locations on a map. And then, in a Google search, I stumbled over another historic (photo) trail in California, Lassen County. Where I learned that the founder of California is said to be Peter Lassen who founded Susanville, he was a pioneer and a smith who immigrated from - Farum where I live! I've heard his name before and I see his memorial three minutes from my home every now and then, but now his life and destiny came so much closer to me - inspired by this very blog...

This is another way that blogs are interconnecting. The comments are important, and so are the Blog This! button from someone else's Blogspot blog, you can go directly to your very own blog and write your message!

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