Saturday, May 28, 2005

Blog workshop - first attempt: Jo's transition world

Our weekend workshop is running now, enough participants to have the conversation going. Several new blogs begin to take shape. I'm wondering how to repond to this cry for help from Jo as I would need to see exacly where she is stuck, to find a correct explanation.
She asks "I followed the blogger instruction and did this: transition world I can't find a way of editing it. I tried the "edit-me"link at the right hand side, to add a link, and it didnt give me what I needed. The instructions say "Use the tabs at the top of the page" but there aren't any! What have I missed?"

Hmm. Well - from where I see it, once I'm logged in and I've clicked on the upper left corner of my blog page, at the orange and white fat B icon, I do get to the Dashboard and then the Edit facility. I wish I could see your screen, Jo :-)

Half an hour later:
I came back to the workshop and saw that Jo found the solution to her problem. And when I wanted to reply, for some reason the Knowplace server did not answer. So - I'll post that message right here!!! Otherwise It would get lost in transition...
Bravo Jo!

I hoped you would find out how to get to the Edit page.

Some time ago, when I read your cry for help I rushed over to your blog, and in the top line, I spotted the Blog this! button that I only rarely use; this way I had a surprise popup window adding a message to MY blog, so I blogged something about your problem because I did not know how to help you. I felt I would have to see your screen to get the problem.

Perhaps I should now get back and edit this post in MY blog, now that you seem to have figued out the tricky detail :-)


Ale W said...

is this blogging workshop anywhere where one can download what went on?

SusNyrop said...

Dear Ale,

Knowplace offers access to the free weekend workshops for about 48 hours only, hopping that you would want to coem back for a real course some day :-))