Saturday, April 30, 2005

Blog workshop in Qatar, with virtual presence

On April 30, webheads were invited to follow a workshop on Blogs moderated by Vance Stevens - that means webheads are online, with a lot of people present in a computer lab in Qatar with Flurin, their teacher. Some participants got help direct in Tapped In, and the PPT presentation with Vance's voice and webcam from Qatar, in Elluminate at Learning Times.

The first fresh baked blogs created during this session are at: and
- and Bee Dieu from Brazil was presenting her work with student blogs at
- Sergei Grid, Belarus and I presented our collaboration with the Mystery Guest blog with students in Minsk at
- Teresa d'Eca from Portugal was showing us her beginner class blog in Portugal, grade 5 students, also using voice
- Buth Alothman's blog project with university students in Kuwait was also presented

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