Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hello APPI and Teresa - an audioblog

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This message is meant for people at the APPI conference in Portugal, April 21, 2005, for Teresa d'Eça's presentation about online communities of practice Also called CoPs)

I'm going to join you virtually this afternoon - but was inspired by Michael Coghlan, Adelaide, Australia, to send a voice message, just in case something went wrong!

After all, it is no secret that we're now and then struggling with technological mismatches, incomparable systems, or hitting our heads against firewalls and other communication glitches, where alternatives can be necessary! The good news is that we know how online friends can help overcome a technical problem, or perhaps suggest another way to get in touch. No matter where in the world you're located.

One for all and all for one - this is what it takes to become a Global Webhead!

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Teresa said...

Dear Sus,

What a great first voice message! Congrats! And thanks for giving my presentation on CoPs this afternoon at the 19th APPI Conference the honor of having you start out in the audioblogging world! :-)
See you later! Hugs,