Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Audioblogging live from Farum, Denmark

this is an audio post - click to play

This message was recorded on the phone by a free service called audioblogger
It was easy and fun. After opening my account, I was ready for my call (00)1-661-716-2564 (blog) - and a voice guided me through the process: first, type my local phone number given in the registration (I had to twist mine and use the two digits 45 used for international calls to Denmark before my ordinary number so I had 10 digits. This works!) Then enter your pin code - and start speaking! After this recording, press # - and your voice guide will tell you to press 1 for save, 2 for listening and 3 for delete. If you wish, you can then make yet another recording (press 1 and start talking).

Now, this was simple, right? And then, to my pleasure, when I open my Blogger account, I see my recording as a post that I can now edit and name, and it will come up directly in my Blogger blog. So, from now on, this blog is an audioblog!


Chrissan said...

This is great Sus! I have to try it, too!

PaddyG said...

Ok, I've set up my account but how do you dial 'blog' on a phone or mobile.
BTW, after some trouble in set up, I had to use the country phone code too - 351 prefix for Portugal - then there was only space for the first 7 numbers of my phone number. But now I'm registered!

Michael said...

Sus - bravo on your first audio by phone blog posting! Amazing isn't it? I'm in a room with pc's with no speakers at the moment so I can't hear what you said but I'm sure it was excited!