Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Quest Atlantis workshop

I just had this interesting message (read below) with an open invitation from Bronwyn Stuckey, and her request to forward the invitation to Webheads. Which I did of course at once, including the Electronic Village Online Gaming in ESL/EFL workshop. Will I have the resistance power to refuse this offer myself? I msut be aware that I do need time for getting things done immediately and without procrastinstion. But would this be right up my alley? Of course it would! I've known for years that Bron was involved in the Quest Atlantis project, and wanted to take a closer look.

Quest Atlantis (QA) is a learning and teaching project using a 3D multi-user environment to immerse children, ages 9-12, in rich educational tasks.

It is designed and managed by a team of educational innovators at Indiana University Centre for Research in Learning Technology lead by Assoc Prof Sasha Barab (and supported by NSF grant funds).

We will very soon begin training for teachers interested in implementing QA in their classrooms in 2007. The training will involve being online in QA for three weekly sessions (using a skypecast for audio dialog). The course is intended to get you up to speed with all the tools of QA and to register your class and make curriculum choices, such that you will be ready to teach in QA at the end of the three weeks. Two timezones are being offered and you should consider joining with a buddy teacher for local support. ...

Well - at least I feel sure that a few Webheads will feel a strong urge to join this, hopefully reporting back to HQ about their impressions!

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