Saturday, January 20, 2007

Second generation library

Today there was an opening session today on Library 2.0 in SL, announced at

While people were sitting neatly in world at the auditorium, almost not chatting in public, there was an audio interview streamed (outside of SL, at the Worldbridges channel). I may have missed a tour of the surroundings, but I took some nice snapshots of those sitting people apparently listening. And I took notes of their names, looking up the personal infos, as I knew literally nobody present (at least not from their play names

I'm a bit intrigued about the need for getting together in a hefty graphic 3D environment, just for listening to streaming audio; as far as I could see, nothing else was happening, Yes, we were virtually present, somehow. Interacting socially, apparently not much.

The event will repeat, or continue, tomorrow Sunday 21 at 3 pm PST /2300 GMT

But you will not find me among the silent listeners this time.

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