Friday, March 11, 2005

Quick Portfolio Blogging - samples from my online presence

For my professional development, I need a documentation page showing examples from my online experiences with learning and teaching with multimedia and interactive communication, and the fastest way I can think of just now, is to start blogging these as I find them in Google. There will not be a stringent chronology or soring of categories; this will be my next step ahead to get a more pro face to the world around me. I'm a playful person who likes to experiment and have fun while learning together with others, and I consider teaching as part of this, as we're always learning something new when working with students, this is even more true when it comes to the technical aspects of online interaction; we do need to find a shared vocabulary as well as developing a helpful spirit of easy going access to working with things.

My online presence started back in 1994 when I had my first modem and became an enthusiast participant in a Danish online community experiment, PolOnline, with about 4000 participants, using a First Class server solution to host our topic-oriented discussions about all and everything. Computer tips and tricks (of course:-), education, family matters, domestic animals, travels, reading books - you name it.

In 1995, I passed a bachelor exam at the Danish University of Education, in communication and Multimedia. My project was a digital, interactive book for young children with language difficulties, "The little house on the screen" using Hyper Card programming and the facility to let kids use a microphone for practising their vocal language.

In 1996 I was visiting 6 village schools in the south of France where they were pioneers in online communication on a penpal level, working with homepages, journals and collaborative multimedia projects.

In 1997 I went on a study travel to China. I visited a business school in Beijing and was introduced to an interesting pioneer project for young women.

(to be continued)

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