Thursday, March 10, 2005

Invited guest teacher in TESOL classes

Using groupboard (with shared drawing tool), as a communication starter in a chat session with Buthaina Alothman's female students, Kuwait 2002 (from the archive)


Buthaina al-Othman said...
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Buthaina al-Othman said...

Hi Sus,

What a coincidence!! This morning while heading to my class, I met , Lulwa, one of the students who chated with you at our 090 GroupBoard, earlier, and she asked me about you! Lulwa is in her third university year now, at the College of Science, here; she said she'd love to repeat a similar text-chat activity with you or with other Webheads as her English and computer and Internet skills have imporved, now.

It is amazing how students don't forget interesting activities that help them learn without "noticing"!

Thanks, Sus for your help and support.