Thursday, March 10, 2005

Playing the Mystery guest online

From a Mystery guest in the virtual classroom

How many lives does a good olde Webhead have?

I had joined this workshop plus some other TESOL EVO workshops, well aware this was going to be a pretty tight schedule for me. I'm skimming, surfing and sometimes finding time to join a workshop live session or two. I'm working on Moodles, on blogs and now also soon on a TikiWiki, all of these projects would have been impossible for me to manage all on my own, but I flow around in cyberspace tinkering with tit & tat, grace to our amazing and inspiring Webheads community (that I joined back in 2001, hey, I'm a veteran) But I really wish to get on working seriously again with some older homepages that need updates. They were created with an outdated HTLM editor plastering lots of cryptic code strings into the HTML source code And I agree - to do so, careful reading is needed. At least, I swear I'm not as inactive as may seem from just reading this discussion. From that you might suspect some sort of web absence!

Just now I come from a joint fun project with Wendy - I'm a mystery guest in her EFL Grammar and composition class, encouraging her sutdents to ask all sorts of questions "about me". We got the inspiration from Bee but did not really know exactly how go come around this; would I post in the classroom blog directly, or what? I started a new account at Blogger as the Mystery guest, was reading their personal blogs and sent a few comments with invitations to my mystery blog, Wendy posted a message for her students, and then went sick and stayed away from school. This is a Blended learning class, but they're not yet familiar with blogging, Or were. Because they have really taken it now! As Wendy says, they all know where to find my blog, and how to post comments. They have asked all sorts of questions, and they know now that I live in Denmark, and it is just crazy how hard it was to figure out what to tell so they would become curious enough to ask, and what to hide so they would not know at once. And, even in Blogger (mac/Safari), I need to type in some code, to feed it with dollops of HTML, as Vance says. (over at the webpresence workshop - this is a semi-cross posting)

Keep smiling! We were just having some fun. The magic works. And hopefully they were forgetting all about grammar and style while communicating for getting to know someone unknown. and
Wendy's Advanced writing and grammar blog at and
Wendy's meta-reflective, personal English Studies Blog at

Complicating or simplifying things with experimental blogs for online content and interaction?
Hmm, changing the tipping point perhaps!

virtual hugs,
yours ubiquitous
Serendipity Sus

(will cross post this to keep groups & blogs vibrant)


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