Friday, May 09, 2008

Google translation for a Multilingual world

Today, Google Search was surprisingly offering an automated Translation link for a Danish versioned text from an English page. I checked the feature and it appears to be a beta tool.

Luckily I was able to take a screendump of this: two minutes later, this service link had suddenly vanished from my next, refined Google search. And then, I discovered that there was a specific new Danish translation page from Google. It might have been there for a while, and I’ve been using several different translation engines in the past (with Danish only as a rare option, and always in a very poor quality; Danish is a minority language).
It has the typical transation for a text snippet window, plus input for a URL With this new integrated service, Google has expanded our facility to navigate in more languages - I haven't yet tested in other combinations, for example from Danish to French or German. Machine text translation is getting closer to a near human solution, step by step.

This one page that I found in translation, was still far from perfect, but not so bad after all.

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