Thursday, May 08, 2008

Field trip - just a short snapshot

In the Connected Futures workshop, we organized three field trips to virtual communities of practice this week, gving our participants the opportunity to explore matters around practice, domain and community. This triangulation is helpful as an analysis tool; where can we find evidence of the ongoing practices, which domain is the focus and which signs would indicate the sense of community spirit?

Virtual field trips centred on real life locations, could be one or more pages with images, information, sudio recorded material as well as multimedia.

In the case of Webheads in Action, such a virtual field trip was prepared in collaboration between the three of us, Vance Stevens, Barbara Bee Dieu and me (said the cat).
We worked on a shared wikispace, adding some slides and a short commercial video called Herding Cats, which has been used often as a metaphor for this unusual, flat and informal lifelong learning community.

As our cat herder par excellence said, as quoted here from memory Being a webhead is just like being a hippie; you know yourself if you are one. If you feel like a hippie, that's what you are. When you feel like a webhead, then you're probably right!

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