Sunday, May 04, 2008

Connected Futures - tech stewardship workshop

For months, I've been involved in the pre-workshop preparations backstage, as part of the leadership group of ten; Bronwyn Stuckey, John Smith, Etienne Wenger, Nancy White, Nick Noakes, Beth Kanter, Beverly Trayner, Shirley Williams, Shawn Callahan and me.

This is a follow up on the Foundation of Communities of Practice workshop, which has become a tradition three times a year,developed and facilitated by Bronwyn Stuckey, John Smith and Etienne Wenger, CPsquare. I was invited to this Foundations workshop back in 2003. Little by little I was moving closer to the middle, as a workshop mentor and also as a host for several dissertation fests. And then, last spring I got an invitation to take part in a Dialog meeting for one week, together with about 18 other Cpsquare people, and with some work to do together, as a collaborative practice, the community live in action, in Setubal, Portugal. And now, last week in April and start of May - here we are, week 1 of 5 almost over - and a terrific week that is!

Messy, fun and getting our hands dirty, diving into a selection of web 2.0 tools and developing shared strategies. We're trying not to push the 20 participants too far out, although many are already somewhat familiar with one or more of the following; Skype with chat and teleconference, Wikispaces, Facebook group, Blog with RSS feed, Twitter group, delicious bookmarks, flickr photos - and aggregations thereof.

As our agreement was to not overwhealm participants with too many impressions; and also because this has been one busy week otherwise for me, I've been postpoing my actual contribution in the blog. Until now. Workshop CP2tech - technology stewardship is our primary theme, and not the tech tools only, more the social aspects of being in charge of online community work, with the technology on the sideline as a very important matter. This workshop is also building on the forthcoming book by Etienne, Nancy and John, which provides an excellent opportunity to become involved in multilogical metareflections on the contextual matters.

That's going to be all for now, more details follow in next post. With links and references.

yours, Sus Nyrop

PS as this is a workshop with partly internal content, only some of this could be seen in public. The Wikispaces and Facebook group are private, and our intranet platform as well. Open and closed, make your choice; if you want your thoughts go in public - blog them, make notes on facebook, or just twit a bit. More confidential or just procedural, internal matters could stay safe guarded behind passwowrd protection

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