Saturday, April 30, 2005

Blog workshop in Qatar, with virtual presence

On April 30, webheads were invited to follow a workshop on Blogs moderated by Vance Stevens - that means webheads are online, with a lot of people present in a computer lab in Qatar with Flurin, their teacher. Some participants got help direct in Tapped In, and the PPT presentation with Vance's voice and webcam from Qatar, in Elluminate at Learning Times.

The first fresh baked blogs created during this session are at: and
- and Bee Dieu from Brazil was presenting her work with student blogs at
- Sergei Grid, Belarus and I presented our collaboration with the Mystery Guest blog with students in Minsk at
- Teresa d'Eca from Portugal was showing us her beginner class blog in Portugal, grade 5 students, also using voice
- Buth Alothman's blog project with university students in Kuwait was also presented

Sunday, April 24, 2005

What's a Plog?

What's a Plog?

It is...
a page-blog (Teresa Almeida d'Eca, webheads in action, APPI conference presentation, April 05)
an open source code for creating blogs named pLog, released in a version 1.0 March 05
a password protected, personal plog® (customer service offered by Amazon)
a project blog for management of projects according to Ronald Piquepaiile's technology Trends blog, May 04),
- who is referring to an article in the CIO magazine online, May 15, 04 by Michael Shrage: The Virtues of Chitchat

a well known Danish poetry log

And then, I agree with the Reflexive-Blog a quad-error in this message quoted below from Dec 12, 04 :

Project + Blog = plog : quad error

1) project = blog = pblog
Because blog = web + log

2) plog = project + log

3) pLog

4) There are thousands of words starting by p, personal, professional and private for examples.
It’s silly to reduce a whole word to a single letter.
The more you remove letters, the less information you give.

Besides, according to Rebecca Blood, with her blogging expertise: A blog is a coffeehouse conversation in text, with references as required!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Audioblogging live from Farum, Denmark

this is an audio post - click to play

This message was recorded on the phone by a free service called audioblogger
It was easy and fun. After opening my account, I was ready for my call (00)1-661-716-2564 (blog) - and a voice guided me through the process: first, type my local phone number given in the registration (I had to twist mine and use the two digits 45 used for international calls to Denmark before my ordinary number so I had 10 digits. This works!) Then enter your pin code - and start speaking! After this recording, press # - and your voice guide will tell you to press 1 for save, 2 for listening and 3 for delete. If you wish, you can then make yet another recording (press 1 and start talking).

Now, this was simple, right? And then, to my pleasure, when I open my Blogger account, I see my recording as a post that I can now edit and name, and it will come up directly in my Blogger blog. So, from now on, this blog is an audioblog!

Hello APPI and Teresa - an audioblog

this is an audio post - click to play

This message is meant for people at the APPI conference in Portugal, April 21, 2005, for Teresa d'Eça's presentation about online communities of practice Also called CoPs)

I'm going to join you virtually this afternoon - but was inspired by Michael Coghlan, Adelaide, Australia, to send a voice message, just in case something went wrong!

After all, it is no secret that we're now and then struggling with technological mismatches, incomparable systems, or hitting our heads against firewalls and other communication glitches, where alternatives can be necessary! The good news is that we know how online friends can help overcome a technical problem, or perhaps suggest another way to get in touch. No matter where in the world you're located.

One for all and all for one - this is what it takes to become a Global Webhead!