Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Electronic Village Online 2010 - 6 weeks of mutual webheads training

Back in 2002, I did my first session with the Electronic Village Online EVO - an open online workshop run by volunteers and webheads and attended by some 2000 teachers worldwide over a period of 6 weeks prior to the annual TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages ) convention. In 2003, I was part of the leadership team for the legendary session known as Becoming a Webhead, with Dafne Gonzalez and Teresa d'Eca who are still running this amazing all-in-one tour de force, with many helpers doing a sort of trainee service, with a broad list of prominent guests sharing their online teaching expereinces, tips and tricks.
And there are many others that I can fully recommend. For myself speaking, I gave up being an active part of all this, mainly because January is a busy exam month for me. Still, I will keep an aye on what's going on, and jump in spontaneously whenever I feel I have some spare time.

All of these 6-week online workshops are run by volunteers, completely free of charge and a fine for participants to get hands-on experience in a particular area as well as making valuable connections with educators from around the world. It also serves as a very much needed hands-on mutual training for those who feel ready to take the role as instructor, workshop leader, facilitator or whatever you would like to call it
More details about the Electronic Village Online 2010 could be found here:

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