Wednesday, January 06, 2010

2010 - another new year (and happy about it)

First five days of the year, getting things done one by one. I'm not going to share details about what these needs are, just marking with some satisfaction each time these chores are cleared away from the clutter, and some valuable time invested in my life bank. We do live one day at a time, and still - who knows, what tomorrow will bring?

Decided to go back to blogging, because I realized that I do have one or more readers out there, after all, and also because the blogging as self biographical practice helps me to get an overview of this messy online world view. The Blogspot tool still keep me happy because of its ease of use , however I sometimes would love to have more power over the look and feel; this might be one of my next steps ahead. Or else, catching up with older blogs that are by now abandoned. I used to have a "veteran" homepage with my first blog attepmts back in 2001 (!), all of a sudden the page was taken down by the host last October, with a 20 days warning; my internet provider just does not offer hosting of our homepages any more, with no further explanation. I managed to capture most of the content the day before it was ultimately gone and away, a memo to self about the semi permanence of cyberhosted stuff. It did need some revision anyway, reminded me a bit about old school free style carnets, or the good old family portraits that I've started to scan, for a more up to date storage format.

Writing small blog posts like this one actually does make me feel quite satisfied and happy to share thoughts and ideas.
Please add your comments if you have any; for some reason I need to allow only comments from Blogspot members, or else I will get bot spam to clear out, which can be like messy, ugly and depressing. Which I don't want to waste energy on; on the contrary I need some organized overlook, beauty and happiness around my workplace :-)

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