Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Changed blog - I'm back here

I have a confession to make: I changed blogs! Again.

I started the MUVEnation course with the best intentions to take up using my blog at eduspaces. I wanted to refresh my particpation in this education oriented community this way. But as we are documenting our SL work using many Flickr photos, and from my Flickr page there is a smart direct link to my blogspot blog; I decided this would improve my active blogging, as I've exerienced too many distracting steps to create just one blog post in Another reason is that I keep forgetting the name of this that will take readers straight to the blog, while the blogspot name is so easy to remember.

I have some other abandonded blogs. My first one was which was my primary choice in 2002, because back then I was an incarnated mac user and no other blog tools by then had the same easy editor functionality than had Xanga.I paid for this for several years a small fee, but decided to go back to the free and limited version some years back, as it was no longer very actual, however I kept the site open for sentimental reasons, and for getting back to track my own digital footprints.

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