Monday, December 01, 2008

Almost Famous: Little red ridinghood and the wolf

I have chosen this scenario as an example for the MUVEnation course, activity 6: Almost Famous. The idea is to dress your avatar as someone known. I went through my SL albums and found SusNy disguised as Little red ridinghood, one of my favourite fariy tales. The wolf was a scuplture that I met in a forest far away on an island thatI have no longer any memories about, just travelling on my own. I then changed my dress like this: for shirt, I uploaded a pin striped cloth sample found in an online store. For skirt I had another texture with tiny strawberries, from an online collection of doll house wall paper - and for the red hood, as I had no suitable bonnet, I just made my hair in a red, rose petal texture I had also found online.

After posing as the innocent followed by the sly wolf seducing her to disobey her mother's advice, I had a sudden flashback to my age ten summer, where I forgot all about NOT paying attention to men's approach, and had the misfortune to witness a pervert exposing himself. There was a sort of healing the inner child going on, by taking the role as a famous character from the archetypes

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