Sunday, October 15, 2006

More from Second LIfe

My second visit to Second life was more succesful!
I made a flight over the landscape which gave a fairly good perspective, but no real orientation. After all I was looking for one specific location without knowing the direction, the Education Island. Yesterday's text search for this did give me zero result; today I had bingo and moved over to open the gate (created by gavin, first sign of actual succes!9 I also did a search for Webheads, but got the business card from Graham Stanley from Barcelona, forgot his secret - or second - identity just now. And had to reboot because of a frozen screen. Good thing was that I could get in touch with Vance on Skype, and ask him a bit for details. His actual notes are here, with links and such.
Webheads are now hanging out at Tapped In, as usual on Sundays around 12 noon GMT. I'll join them and see whazzup. Probably some will join us for the Webcastathon in Second Life in 20 minutes...
More again soon, promise!

Testing Slideshare

Can I just copy and paste the embed file object code directly from Slideshare?
If you wish an invitation to test this new smart online presentation tool, ask me!

Message from Second LIfe - unidentified object lost and found

I was there for a while last night, and my poor avatar had a hard time. We could look around in the area,even turning the universe upside down, and a few other stiffs were standing around, not reacting to my tentative chat messages. But apart from some silly gestures, I did see my avatar from the back only - and could not make it move out of the spot, not really going anywhere else than the Oasis desert looking enclosure where I was stuck. The manual popups were far too tiny for me to really READ. I tried many actions, such as Find a location, but no luck. I was looking for the Webheads hut that I knew Vance is decorating for today, somewhere in EduSpace (?). No luck there. But at least something must have happened while i was messing around  - I had a note posted to my email from the honorable Gov. Linden:

The object 'Second Life' has sent you a message from Second Life:
object 'Object' has been returned to your inventory lost and found
folder by Governor Linden from parcel 'Memory Bazaar (...) at Ross 32.7787, 224.082 due to
parcel auto return.

Hmmm. Not really informative, or explanatory. I'm not aware of having used or lost any objects over there. But, at least I think i got the coordinates for the dull & desert location Ross where I found nobody at home, or at least virtually alert.

Webcastathon this weekend - Webheads go Second Life!

Worldbridges are busy people and this week, from Thursday onwards there is running a so-called Webcastathon, a marathon event with many sessions primarily show casing students' work from Webcast Academy class 1.2. I'm enrolled in the Webcast academy class 1.3 starting next week  - the Nordic section - so I know I must participate somehow, with a tight deadline for my next dissertation meeting with my advisor, Soren Langager on Wednesday,  this breakout from my schedule should be planned carefully. I would have enjoyed being part of Friday night in Lee Baber's
Space cast with her students; this I will have to listen to as
playback, also called podcast. I decided it would be possible to find just a slice of time, and go for the exciting Second Life session today, at noon GMT Webheads time. This means I had to join secondlife as a new member and install the relevant software. SusNy Foss, yes that's my second life avatar - here I come!

Act Alive (from Global learn Day last weekend)

Janet Feldman., Nigeria from Act Alive is now leading the conversation. She is the director of
ActALIVE, an
arts coalition  the
international wing of a Kenyan HIV/AIDS NGO. The coalition is composed
of groups and individuals who use or advocate the use of arts to address
HIV/AIDS and related issues like poverty, human-rights, and sustainable
development. The coalition has 200 members (individuals and
organizations) from 20+ countries at present, and we are actively
networking with like-minded groups, hoping to collaborate and partner on
projects of mutual interest.

Thursday, October 12, 2006