Sunday, October 15, 2006

Message from Second LIfe - unidentified object lost and found

I was there for a while last night, and my poor avatar had a hard time. We could look around in the area,even turning the universe upside down, and a few other stiffs were standing around, not reacting to my tentative chat messages. But apart from some silly gestures, I did see my avatar from the back only - and could not make it move out of the spot, not really going anywhere else than the Oasis desert looking enclosure where I was stuck. The manual popups were far too tiny for me to really READ. I tried many actions, such as Find a location, but no luck. I was looking for the Webheads hut that I knew Vance is decorating for today, somewhere in EduSpace (?). No luck there. But at least something must have happened while i was messing around  - I had a note posted to my email from the honorable Gov. Linden:

The object 'Second Life' has sent you a message from Second Life:
object 'Object' has been returned to your inventory lost and found
folder by Governor Linden from parcel 'Memory Bazaar (...) at Ross 32.7787, 224.082 due to
parcel auto return.

Hmmm. Not really informative, or explanatory. I'm not aware of having used or lost any objects over there. But, at least I think i got the coordinates for the dull & desert location Ross where I found nobody at home, or at least virtually alert.

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dyerbrookME said...

I think you could have been experiencing lag, which you can start to fix by putting the graphics setting down to 64. SL is so terribly frustrating and difficulty in the early hours and days.

I'm the developer of the Ross infohub. We worked hard to make the area not "dull and drab" but to have each object tell you some useful information that you can learn at your own pace. I think if you press FLY, you can fly around and feel less "stuck".

The pop-ups I'm not sure what you mean. The notecards or the F1 manual?

The message comes merely from objects you may have tried to build or rez out (take out of inventory). The land is set to autoreturn, and that means anything not belonging to the owner (Governor Linden) or set to the group will return. It's to prevent griefing, clutter, etc. You can delete wooden cubes obviously but perhaps you tried to put out something of your own. You have to sort out inventory by date and keep in mind things are returned now in batches so the name of the thing you see in Lost and Found may be something like "object" but be a cluster of items.

Damn, SL is hard. I try helping people to get it quite a bit.