Thursday, January 19, 2006

Blogs and Webheads really were the beginning of all this for me.

the course of being a virtual citizen in the Electronic Village Online since 2002, I've found so many rich and personal testimonials from new participants who appears to have "seen the light". I'm asking myself it this is really how it is - or do people tend to ferget eventual negative sidesof this way of learing?Or is it just simply me who is reading messages and evidence with those biased, positive glasses, forgetting all about what's less brilliant?

Below I'm quoting an impressive voice from Wendy who was in the Blog session last year as an enthusiast beginner, as well as coming back in this year's Collaborative Blogging workshop for more, giving back what she has learnt just a year ago.

In her open and reflective blog, Wendy addresses this appreciative message directed to Bee Dieu, one of the course moderators in 2005 that we're also meeting as a guest moderator and peaker in week 5 of our EVOworkshop. Wendy wishes to show her appreciation in the open, through group mail, as she says:

" I fell in love with blogs and the whole idea of blogging with students from the moment I saw your and some of the other webheads' blogs. Thanks to you, I've taken the plunge and set up blogs with my students this term. It's been such a great experience - we're all learning as we go, but I feel confident because I knew I'd be taking these sessions and you'd help."

I found this in her blog right now, just by a serendip stroll. Blogs are sorted by date which makes the time line context appear easily for me - I was there too, in that course and already knowing Wendy very well because I'm her study mentor and it is me who introduced her to Webheads some months earlier.I also know how hard she has been struggling to show these new ideas to her colleagues at her college and her report from one of these efforts in that same post of what could serve as a collective appreciation for the blog phenomenon. Wendy continues:
"The word (about what I'm doing) has gone around at work and I was asked to do a presentation about blogging with ESL students at our faculty meeting today. I had done some preparation before your presentation, but after listening to you pull it all together and present so many ideas on Sunday, I was really fired up. The presentation went well - it was just simple stuff - but I included a link to your blog (The English Department) and some of the resources you've made available through the EV Online blogging course, and now without any doubt, more seeds have been planted. I don't know how many people you have set on this road, but I'm willing to bet it's hundreds by now."

Yes certainly - hundreds and hundreds are following in the foot prints of the pioneers in this field. Edublogging in language education is becoming trendy, that's what I think! Just in our litte corner of reality, the EVO 06 collaborative blogging workshop, we have by now more than 150 participants - coming from almost 50 countries - all over this brave new world of ours. This is a picture of the beauty of the next generation internet - the so called web 2.0 .And believe me - this is noty limitied to blogging only. In the past we have had to explain in detail simple things such as how to add a photo in the Yahoo group folder; apparently this has now become part of an everyday digital literacy for those early adapters who are in our workshop.And all of this would not happen if people did not jump out on deep waters and were willing to try if their experiments would sink or swim.

I wish to say - with Wendy's words - to all of our participants: It's great work you are doing, and I thank you.

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