Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Blogging from inside firefox 1.5

I found a new powerful feature today - I can now blog directly when using my Firefox browser, just by clicking F8. All I had to do was installing a Firefox plugin called Performancing. This opens a simple wysiwyg text editor. I can use this for blogging at www.blogger.com, and some other blog tools.

Wondering if elgg would make this happen too - there's been quite some request for this recently by the elgg community.

PS I'm now also looking at the Performancing blog community where it seem to be meaningful to want to create commercial outcome from blogs. will report back later from this.

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Ben Werdmuller said...

Elgg does indeed work with Performancing and other blogging clients. Just set the XML-RPC url to elgg.net/_rpc/RPC2.php (or substitute your server name for Elgg.net).