Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The storytelling of Webheads in Action

Some weeks ago, my dear community of webheads celebrated our 10 year jubilee. The narrative has developed over time, and for each of us, there is a different story to tell. It has been told literally hundreds of times, and for every time there are new datails added, and some things that are more relevant than others. From my personal viewpoint, the webheareds narrative is about a very open ended, welcoming community of education practitioners in the field of computer supported language learning, that has evolved over time, initiated by a very experimental group of educators that were looking online for students who were willing to engage in their ongoing, playful exploration of varied communication modalities, from IRC text only based chat and MOO, sometimes voice and video. People from all over the world, with many different ocnfigurations of hardware, software and different obstacles in terms of slow connections, heavy firewalls administrated by protective system operators on schools and university sites (where protection is indeed an urgent matter, but there are ways to know which ports to allow open for legal communication. And, because of these many frequent and regular sessions, a broad fan of knowledge sharing and troubleshooting procedures developed, constantly updated and documented over time.

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