Monday, March 03, 2008

Graduation party for BAW 08 was a blast

Every year, the Electronic Village Online runs for six weeks, giving language educators and knowledge workers the opportunity to meet and collaborate online with various themes in the Web 2.0 learing field. Facilitators work as volunteers, and many of those who started as participants would continue year after year with more responsibilities.
Becoming a Webhead is the name of one of these intensive workshops. The true leaders are still Teresa d'Eca (in Porugal) and Dafne Gonzales (in Venezuela)I was part of the co-moderator team back in 2004, so I know how intense and rewarding the pace of this kind of curriculum could be for whose who are working back stage. This year about ten oldtimers were ready to jump in and share what they already learnt in earlier years, plus caring as mentors for those who are asking for help, attention or just reporting some work doneback to their community.

A recurrent event is the fun and informal graduation party taking place all online on the last Sunday of the workshop. Those who can spare an hour or wven two, would come to the chat room, listen to the Skype conference and hope for an invitation to come in and say something by voice. Up to this event, participants send in their gifts, like postcards or small multimedia spots, blog posts, wikis or voice recordings, with images of party food, their hometown, or whatever they have to share.
Dafne had prepared a Thank you show on Splashcast, with images and her spoken evaluation of this year's Becoming a Webhead class, and also with some flashbacks to past years. All of the Graduation party gifts were collected in one Wiki here

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