Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sus Nyrop's own blog n' roll

In this multitude of blogging opportunities and community courses, I have to admit that I've spread myself out thinly, so I would like to add links to my other blogs.

in 2002 I started blogging at www.xanga.com/susnyrop
A co-blog with friends from Second Life, mostly in Danish language (SL as an informal learning environment)
The eduspaces education community blog that used to be an Elgg community and was recently taken over by a Canadian community - which I still wish to use because I've got many good virtual colleagues

My social bookmarks are at del.icio.us/netopnyrop

I'll try to see how I could burn a feed for all of these when I figure out how to do this in an orderly manner.
(There are a few more, but not recently updated).

I also have some mashups that were abandoned, like Suprglu that is probably still aggregating some of my content.

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